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Luke Mulholland, the surprise Charting Pop Rock Artist of 2017 and 2018. 

           - Bringing back a more guitar-infused Rock sound to modern pop music -


What do Drake, Ed Sheeran, Bruno Mars and Luke Mulholland have in common, they all have a song on the Billboard Top 40.   Luke Mulholland and Mulholland Drive, a Pop Rock act out of Los Angles, California has surprised the radio and recording industry with a popular and resilient 3 song, self-titled EP that has stayed on the activator pop charts for over 30 weeks in 2017.  On the strength of the first 2 singles, Dream and Folsom, Luke cracked the top 40 twice, with each single, despite not being signed to a major label. Each single percolated slowly up the charts on the back of the strong guitar and vocals of the young artist, each staying on the charts for 12-15 weeks.  Luke and his band Mulholland Drive, who are signed to the small independent label Castle Hill Records, launched 2018 with the third single, Ocean off the debut EP and it Hit #40 on the Indicator charts the last week of March. Even more impressive that being unsigned by a major label, is Luke’s brand of rock-pop which is heavily guitar infused and quite a departure from the EDM, DJ pop music standards of the day. The 2 song EP brings a different sound back to radio, real rock musicians and guitar infused riffs, making one think that young millennial music audiences of the day may be longing for a less electronic option and sound.


Back Story

Luke was born in current “music hot bed”  Toronto, Canada, that, over the past few years has produced such modern pop icons as Justin Bieber, Drake, Weekend, Shawn Mendes and Majic. Luke began playing guitar at age 12 and was soon writing songs and signing at local Toronto open mic’s.  Luke was taken under the wing of the late guitar legend Jeff Healy and performed often at the Jeff Healey Bar.  At age 16, Luke won a song contest at local rock radio station Q107 and opened for Bon Jovi.  As a high school student, Luke cut his chops with his original brand of rock songs opening for major Canadian Rock Acts like Lover Boy, April Wine, and Chillawack.

After high school, Luke attended the prestigious Berklee Music college in Boston MA, where he majored in Song Writing and Film Scoring. He also formed a Berklee Rock Trio, the Luke Mulholland Band and played over 100 gigs touring and sharing the stage with such venerable acts at Dickie Betts and Great Southern, Carlos Santa, Blues Traveler, Marshall Tucker Band, Blue Osyter Cult, the Fabulous Thunderbirds and Johnny Winter.  After Berklee Luke moved to Los Angeles, where he formed another Luke Mulholland Band rock trio and played gigs in Los Angels and up and down the west coast. Luke signed with independent label, Castle Hill Records and Manager Tom Stephen, former Jeff Healy band manager and drummer. Luke was the introduced to Grammy nominated producer  Peter Stengaard, as well as hip hop producer Fingazz who both worked with Luke to cultivate a more pop oriented and accessible guitar-rock sound.  Luke launched his 3 song EP,  Mulholland Drive in March 2017 and the EP has not left the charts since. 


Current Pop Music Climate

In recent interviews with music icon, U2 front man Bono, he claims that current pop music is lacking the kind of drive for the young male millennial and is a “bit girlie”.  Even recent interviews with iconic EDM DJ, the Avicci, claims that the pop music of today is a bit empty and that the young listening audience may be ready for something more original, with real instruments and musicians.  It may be that the Luke Mulholland, a young song writer, guitar virtuoso may be at the leading edge of a movement in the ever-changing terrain of pop music back towards a less electronic sound and, in the process introducing an entire generation of music listeners to guitar infused rock pop sounds and harmonies.  For Luke and his millennial friends, this couldn’t be more welcome.  “there is a role for all types of music, EDM, Synth pop, but the guitar has been orphaned and been kept hidden away from my generation and I hope to bring a love this classic instrument back to my generation”, observes Luke.


The Future

Luke also recently completed his degree in film scoring at Berklee, has had two songs in movies, written jingles and songs for radio and will be scoring an up coming LA based indie movie.  “Music is my passion”, and the are many creative ways I can express myself through music, touring recording artist, writing and recording songs for TV, radio, Film, Netflicks, and video games, as well as writing songs for other artistes”, comments Luke.  The Future looks bright and interesting for Luke and Mulholland Drive.

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