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Mulholland Drive on The Bandcamp Diaries

Mulholland Drive - Ocean of Being

Mulholland Drive is a band with a passion for the energy of alternative rock, and the gripping melodies of pop. Their most recent studio release is a single titled “Ocean of Being,” and it stands out as a truly great example of their ability to combine the best of those musical world into a personal, direct and honest creative concept. “Ocean of Being” is quickly making waves through the music scene, helping the band gain new fans and recognition. The arrangement is direct and energetic, with great guitar tones at the absolute forefront of the mix, along with a very edgy rhythm section. Last, but decidedly not least, the vocals add a lot of personality to the band, propelling the track’s pace with an electrifying twist. With a single as great as “Ocean of Being”, Mulholland Drive are certainly paving their own way towards success, making heads turn to their direction really quickly! We can’t wait to hear what’s next. Find out more about Mulholland Drive and do not miss out on the band’s releases, activities and events:

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